North Country Brewing was birthed in the belief of "service above self."

Some of my favorite family vacations growing up were spent helping others in need dig out and repair from flood episodes. Throughout the year from writing letters for the elderly-to spending 10 days each summer introducing indoor plumbing, a much needed roof, or insulation to a home in Appalachia-we like to say it’s in our DNA here at North Country…disciplined, nurturing and aware. We strive to be a steward of our environment and a help to our neighbors, believing that acts of kindness have a rippling effect like a stone tossed into a still pond. In support of this belief, we opened with the concept that our worth here is not measured by profits, but rather by our actions. And then we learned how businesses stay in business hahahaha…almost giving away everything entirely by our second year open.

North Country Brewing takes pride in partnering with local nonprofit organizations through donations of our great beer, brewpub gift certificates, unique NCB merchandise and of our time. Our goal in any Community service partnership is to help you achieve your goal of making a substantive difference in our community. Like you, we care about presenting a great product, a brand that is memorable and hospitality from a smile deep inside.

Our volunteer efforts continue to grow, as well as our community footprints. We are proud to deliver 5% of Station 33 Firehouse Red tap sales to our local Volunteer Fire Co. Station 33-and with the opening of Harmony Inn, 5% or Firehouse Red tap sales to our local Volunteer Fire Co. Station 23 in Harmony. Annually, all brewfest dollars raised go to help beautify and preserve the Village of Slippery Rock and support our quarterly “Polish the Rock”. We partnered with Slippery Rock University, providing scholarships to students towards sustainability and also support SRU’s lively sports programs. This year, we began our first Local Tap-which provides grant dollars from our tap to a rotating, locally opening business. Through your support we have been able to share support.

We are excited to see that there are lots of YOU out there doing amazing things that we would love to be a part of, but that’s just not possible (see above lol )! Also, unfortunately, there has been an uptick in government regulations recently towards businesses that demand a fee a fine or a fo fum that now demands budgeting for existence. NCB has established the following guidelines when considering eligible organizations for our Community Service and Donations program.

Organization Criteria

Donation requests will be considered if your organization meets the following criteria:

A qualified organization is limited to one donation receipt within a 12 month period.

Donation Criteria

Since we are in the business of making alcohol, we carefully consider donations of beer to any agency/organization relating to kids, or fund raising activity that directly benefits children. It is our intention to refrain from the appearance that we are advertising our company or products to anyone under the legal drinking age. We also choose not to donate to any event or agency relating to motor sports or involving motor vehicles. We consider it our civic duty not to mix the unmixable. Requests for donations must be received in writing by North Country at least 30 days prior to the event.

Donation requests must fit within our Community Service and Donations Budget. We know it sounds obvious, but we did learn our limits. If we have hit our budget for the month in which you will need to pick up your donation, we will not be able to work with you this time around and do apologize. Please see our chart for a look see at the good stuff that we have been able to be a part of.

Monetary donations and sponsorship requests are partnerships we take seriously. Our company and our employees have longstanding relationships with the organizations to which we provide any monetary support. Sponsorship decisions are made on an annual basis. It is recommended that any requests for event or team sponsorship are made by December 1 of the year prior to the request, as our budgeting kicks off in January.

Please send your request to:

North Country Brewing Co
Attn: Community Service and Donations
141 South Main Street
Slippery Rock PA 16507

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